Vimec V65 Curved Inclined Platform Lift

The Vimec V65 lift is a commercial and public stairlift with a wheelchair platform suitable for multiple flights of stairs including those with landings and turns and those with variable gradients. It comes in a range of three platform sizes (for stair widths of upto 1130mm, 1250mm and 1320mm) all capable of moving upto 250kg load.

Available with a variety of mounting arrangements, the V65 is easy to install requiring no builders’ works. The landing call stations and on-board controls are connected by state of the art radio control, so there is no need for controls wiring, making installation more convenient and the finished product more aesthetically pleasing. The unique battery drive arrangement means that the V65 recharges itself on descent, making it an outstanding low energy and environmental option for your client.

The V65 has automatic raising and lowering of the platform and access flaps and automatic raising and lowering of the protective arms (some models can retract these arms into the body when parked for security). When parked the width of the folded platform is only 430mm.

Download Vimec 64 65 Brochure  Download Brochure