MRL: SAVE Programme: Machine room-less lifts.

SAVE programme is an IGV innovative lift product line for reducing space, installation time and costs by eliminating the traditional machine room. Read More »

Passenger Lifts


Idrofit ®

Hydraulic lift with machinery in a cabinet.The machinery occupies 0.5 m2 (width 950 mm, depth 550 mm), compared to the about 3 m2 required by a traditional machine room (for example width 1500 mm, depth 2000 mm). Details »


Superidrofit ®

Hydraulic lift with the power unit in the shaft placed at any floor.Lift model Superidrofit has the power unit inside lift shaft. The controller and all electric equipments are placed inside a landing door frame.Details »


Cabifit ®

Electric traction lift with the gearbox in the pit and indirect suspension (1:1)The lifts designed in compliance with the CABIFIT model are characterized by the machinery (gearbox, control panel, panel with main and lighting switches) contained in a cabinet. Details »


Cabifit DF ®

Electric traction lift with the gearbox in the shaft, accessible from outside of the shaftThe lifts designed in compliance with the CABIFIT-DF model are characterised by the gearbox placed in a side wall of the shaft, protected outside by a key-locked door cover. Details »


Overfit ® – Gearless

Machine room-less liftsThis lift model complies with EN81-1:2005 harmonised standard and thus with 95/16/EC Lift Directive. It also complies with EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) Directive 89/336/EC and 98/37/EC Machinery Directive. Details »