Superidrofit ®

Hydraulic lift with the power unit in the shaft placed at any floor 

Lift model Superidrofit has the power unit inside lift shaft. The controller and all electric equipment is placed inside a landing door frame. No machine room needed. Main switches, thermostat controls are inside the landing doorframe. The floor where the power unit and electrics is located can be the first or any intermediate or upper floor. The minimum dimensions of the headroom and the pit are the same as for a conventional lift with a machine room. In other words the power unit in shaft does not affect the pit and headroom dimensions. Power unit and controller are very close to each other. This will simplify erection, maintenance and rescue operations. The power unit is very slim; so the shaft size is not increased due to this component. Different layouts are available: 1 car entrance, 2 opposite, 2 adjacent entrances.

Rescue operations are carried out from the landing by opening the cabinet in the door frame where the power unit is located. The power unit is extractable onto the landing floor, so that inspection and maintenance operations are very easy. Rescue operations can be also made without extracting the power unit. The installation of the lift is very similar to a standard hydraulic lift.

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